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Academy for Supernatural Transformation

At AST we have a 'learn and apply' approach to our curriculum. Sessions are a combination of worship, teaching, activations, mentor groups and outreach.

Academy culture creates a safe environment where students can make mistakes and experience grace. Engaging with the curriculum in this setting equips students not just to minister in the gifts of the Spirit but to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle, empowered in their significant role to bring the Kingdom of heaven wherever they are.  


Honor the Lord for the glory of his name. Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

Psalm 29:2

We love to worship Jesus!

First and foremost we are developing a culture where His presence loves to dwell. Through the year we see our students reach a deeper level of accessing the heart of God as they worship together.


We have great teachers at the Academy. As well as people teaching from our GodFirst family, we also have the privilege to host visiting speakers across the year.

As often as we can, we leave room at the end of the sessions for either ministry, courage groups or activations so that what has been taught can be applied straight away. Each term has a different focus.


Activations are a tool to practise what we have learned in a safe environment. Where it’s ok to get things wrong and where we honour each other by celebrating 

obedience over results. Activations engage our faith and are a great way of converting information into opportunities to actually 'do the stuff'. Activations include prophetic exercises, words of knowledge and healing, breaking lies and declaring truth, and learning how to pray.


These are mixed gender groups of about 6-8 people and are led by our wider team. They provide a safe place where you can be open and authentic with each other, support one another and speak into each other’s lives as you journey through the year together. We have seen some incredible

personal transformation in students as they encourage one another to be courageous in living naturally supernatural lives.


As we take the love of the Father to the streets we expect many demonstrations of the Kingdom and lives to be transformed as people encounter God for themselves. We keep outreach simple - love the ONE in front of you.  We celebrate obedience as success and leave the outcome of your obedience with God. We do outreach on eight Saturday afternoons.


 - Discover your identity in Christ.

 - Develop a deeper intimacy with       God and other believers.

 - Learn and live out Biblical                   Kingdom Values.

 - Learn to walk in the power and         gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 - Learn to love Scripture.

 - Get equipped & empowered 

 - Love your city through outreach.

FINANCES  2023/24



Apply before 31st August 2023

£50 Deposit*



Apply after 31st  August 2023

£50 deposit*

*A non-refundable deposit is due within 14 days of accepting a place. Your deposit counts towards your course fees and secures your place for the current AST year.


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