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We share stories on a regular basis. It is a fundamental part of our journey together. Sharing stories takes courage, every story that's shared is an opportunity to celebrate what Father is doing and bless it.


Students share all kinds of amazing stories about what God is doing in them and through them. 


Here are just a few stories of courage and freedom.

The past months have been nothing short of life-changing. I have been healed both physically and emotionally and the relationship with my Father is radically different; I am learning to walk with Him in the fullness of my royal identity and share His love with those He's still pursuing. - Hannah

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Initially I found the outreach really challenging, I find it hard to strike up conversations with strangers, it got easier and I have grown in courage and confidence. It has also helped me in more natural environments such as work where I have had opportunities to share my faith and pray for healing.

In one instance I was sharing with a colleague how I had been healed on an Academy day and while sharing this testimony God healed her! She said she went home and was giving thanks to God in her living room for healing her! How amazing is that! If you’re thinking of doing this course - Go For It! - Chris


My personal growth has been greater in the 9 months of the academy than at any other time of my life. I learned lots from the teaching, was stretched way out of my comfort zone, particularly with the prophetic elements but in such a safe encouraging atmosphere that it was impossible not to go for it! It was great fun, it enabled me to get closer to God and be more secure in my identity. I’m now less likely to compare myself to others, be judgmental or critical; this has freed me to encourage and celebrate others . I'm secure in who I am and that God loves me no matter what. It really has been a transformation in so many ways! - Sharon


Loving the Acadamy journey. Going deeper with God, hearing from Him, experiencing His love. Being given a new love and empathy for people. It's challenging and hard work at times, but well worth doing.  - Jill

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