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Growing in Love

This week's blog is written by AST Alumni student Jo Lee:

Hi, my name is Jo and am so excited that a course like this is now available at GodFirst. I love the evenings and outreach days when we all meet together; every time is different. We laugh lots, meet in small courage groups, worship, and enjoy provoking teaching and so much more. It always feel safe even when I am attempting new things, and is always totally 'shame free' which only encourages you to be real, honest and sets you up for freedom in a loving place.

This course is great fun and I am learning to live in the truth of who I actually am, as a royal princess, a daughter of the King and this opens my eyes to the resources of heaven which I have total unlimited access to. Daily life is viewed differently as I look with expectation and I see situations change around me, opportunity to love people like Jesus and step out and pray for others with courage and boldness, not just at church but everywhere I go!

This is what I live for, to show the world the incredible love of Jesus. I know from experience that having courage to step out and bring a prophetic word, pray for healing or bring an action that shows the love of Jesus can be a really fear provoking thing, and it wasn't until I realised 'who I actually am in Christ' and 'what I carry' that I started to step out with confidence.

The truth of who I am is so important to me. This has changed me in so many ways including being set free of false humility. Realising my worth and the Father’s delight and pure unlimited love for me has allowed me to hold my head up and truly enjoy being who Father has made me to be. This has given me incredible confidence in talking to others as I know I am significant and my words have power. On one of our outreach days, one of the team spoke about shifting atmospheres around us, and gave an example of how in hopeless situations she simply prays for peace to come. She prayed with us there and then and a blanket of indescribable peace flooded the room. The challenge then came... this same peace we have felt we can give to others we meet. We can then say “this peace comes from Jesus, can I introduce you to Him!”

The more I know who I am the more I realise my words carry this same authority, and I know the truth that I am a daughter of God and I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!

I loved overhearing a fellow student say on the return from a prophetic outreach in Christchurch 'God really really does speak through me'! What a joy it is to watch men and women on the academy realise what authority they carry and see their discovery of what an empowered royal son or daughter really is!

If you are thinking about joining the Academy, let me encourage you to sign up! This is a fantastic opportunity to grow in your love for Jesus and your love for the person in front of you.

Do you want to be part of a fearless family displaying the love of Jesus to a broken world? You are important and play a significant part in showing the love of Jesus around you. Jump in and have some fun!

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