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Academy Curriculum

We have 30 sessions together over the entire course. We fill every session with a mix of teaching, worship, outreach, activations and group time.

We plan each year with a revised syllabus, freshly listening to Father about the prophetic direction for the year.

The curriculum does have topics that we look at every year, however we also leave space to respond to God and be Holy Spirit led.

The year is divided into 3 terms:

Term 1 : Identity - Foundations and Freedom

Term 2 : Empowerment - Significance and Purpose

Term 3 : Radical Growth - Fruitfulness and Kingdom Advance

Here is an example of topics we'll teach through the year:

  • Fathers Love - Understanding the Father Heart of God

  • Sonship - Our identity in Christ

  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Communicable attributes of God (Theology of shared attributes)

  • The Presence of God

  • The Transformed Mind

  • Dealing with Disappointment

  • Understanding the Kingdom of God

  • Healing, Prophecy, Words of Knowledge, Deliverance

  • Worship & Encounter

  • Going deeper into the word of God

  • Culture of Honour, Freedom, Authenticity, Courage & Generosity

  • Evangelism - Loving your City

  • The Supernatural power of forgiveness

  • Your words have power

  • Intercession

  • Christs Ambassadors - Power & Authority

  • Keys to Supernatural lifestyle


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