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Transformed, Renewed, Strengthened!

This week's blog is written by AST student Chris:

I am so glad to have joined the Academy!

This course is amazing where ever you’re at in your Christian life, you will be transformed, renewed, strengthened, challenged, stretched. There will be times when you will be stepping out and being brave, times where you might feel uncomfortable, times where you will do things you thought you would never do.

I was not prepared for encountering Father so personally and the goodness of God. He is so good! From the launch day I was hearing the voice of God for the first time clearly in about 23 years.

Prior to the course I had been in a bit of a rut having spent about 20 years leading and helping to lead church youth clubs, youth events and youth bible studies. I loved these times but knew this part of my life was approaching a conclusion following a difficult time in my family.

Before joining the course I was desperate for a fresh touch from God in my life, I wanted a chance to do something a bit dangerous, a chance to step out, I wanted to grow in the gifts of the spirit, especially in prophesy and words of knowledge. I came into this process with an open heart and mind willing to be re-shaped and re directed.

Father has begun to show me issues of un-forgiveness, but he has also begun healing me in a number of ways. He has made declarations over my life and helped me to realise my identity. I am continuously receiving the truth that He speaks over me, I know I am a son of the king of kings, that I am forgiven and no longer a slave to sin.

The course itself is ram packed full of truth with wonderful teaching,

and the Academy leadership model kingdom culture bringing revelation and impartation as they teach.There have been some really special words which have added to the richness of this course.

We regularly worship, drawing near to God and experience His presence. We sometimes spend time in a courage group, a bunch of guys or girls all sharing stuff openly..... that’s not possible! Or is it? What a privilege to be in a group with such men of God who have been so supportive and such an encouragement. I have learnt so much from them all.

I found the outreach really challenging at first but it got easier and at times it was even fun! I have grown in confidence, which helps me in more natural environments such as work where I have had opportunities to share my faith and pray for healing. In one instance I was sharing with a colleague how I had been healed on an Academy day and while sharing this testimony God healed her and she has stayed healed ever since and she still mentions it.

If you’re thinking of doing this course Go For It!

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