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Daughter of The King!

This weeks blog post is written by recently graduated AST Student Jo.

Since starting the Academy in Sept 2018 I feel I have come such a long way and yet there is still so much more I know God wants me to discover, this really is the start of a great adventure with Him.

I am actually amazed I even signed up to the course in the first place. It was not something I felt I could do at all, but everything changed when I heard Claire from the AST Team speak at a ladies event last September. As she spoke I could agree with everything she said, I realised I was allowing lies from the enemy to shape my thinking . I was living in a place of fear which had paralysed me and held me captive.

Two very precious friends then independently told me about a course they had signed up to which they knew would be great for me. However when I looked, all applications had closed and I had numerous other reasons why it was impossible for me to attend, but God had other plans!!

God’s supernatural power broke in and I had not even started the course!…. He effortlessly swiped aside all my objections, excuses and obstacles and within 3 days I was a signed up,

paid up student of Academy for Supernatural Transformation.

Not what I was expecting at all but totally what God had planned for me all along!

I can truly say the transformation has been amazing, moving in the prophetic a real highlight. We are regularly encouraged to take part in “activations”- practice in giving and receiving prophecy. I have been amazed at the powerful and accurate prophecies I have received and those I have been able to encourage others with. A major step of courage overcoming fear .

I have had fresh revelation of my position as a daughter of the King. There has been transformation of my thought process from a place of fear into freedom, courage and renewed faith.

I have learned to develop an attitude of honour as I recognise my worth to God and in turn seeing others through the Lord’s eyes with fresh compassion.

I have also stepped out in faith and courage to pray for the sick and seen God’s miraculous healing at work. It was during an outreach Saturday in Bournemouth Gardens, I was teamed up with a prayer buddy and while we prayed in preparation I felt God indicate somebody with a back problem. I was amazed when the second person we spoke to said she had severe back pain! With renewed faith we prayed for her and all pain went, as she twisted and tested it out she confirmed the pain she had been in had completely gone. She was overwhelmed by what had happened and went away having had an amazing encounter with God. This experience has been a springboard to my faith and helped me to have courage to pray for healing for others as I find people share their ailments with me more and more!

Celebrating these breakthroughs is a major part of the Academy’s culture and one which has really helped me grow in faith and expectation, at the moment I am just dipping my toe in the water but I know God has so much more for me – I am excited to be on this amazing adventure with Him!

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